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Butterfly Bush - Buddleja davidii Franch

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Butterfly bush was added to the Washington State Class C Noxious Weed List in 2005, and is a Class B Noxious Weed and Quarantine Plant in Oregon. This 2-page publication covers ...

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Cut Flowers: Basic Production and Marketing
Growing cut flowers requires an understanding of what makes a flower marketable. This publication analyzes the production, harvest, and marketing of cut flowers, including how to prevent diseases and ...

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Drought Tolerant Landscaping for Washington State (Home Garden Series)
This publication is meant to assist homeowners with the selection and management of appropriate plants, sites, soils, and hardscapes to create a drought-tolerant landscape. It provides a lists and pho ...

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Environmental Injury: Cold Temperature Injury of Landscape Woody Ornamentals (Home Garden Series)
A plant’s cold hardiness—its tolerance to freezing temperatures—determines how well a plant can survive winter. This publication discusses the factors that contribute to plant cold hardiness and expla ...

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Environmental Injury: Frost Cracks (Home Garden Series)
Trees can suffer all kinds of injury, including damage caused by the environment. Frost cracks are one type of environmental injury that appear to occur after very severe cold winter weather. This pub ...

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Environmental Injury: Sunscald and Sunburn on Trees (Home Garden Series)
Trees can suffer all kinds of injury, including damage caused by the environment. Two types of environmental injury related to temperature are sunscald and sunburn. This publication outlines the sympt ...

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Environmental Injury: Winterburn of Evergreens
Trees can suffer all kinds of injury, including damage caused by the environment. Winter burn is one type of environmental injury that occurs on evergreen trees and shrubs when adequate moisture is un ...

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Fire-Resistant Plants for Home Landscapes

As homeowners continue to build in the wild and urban interface, they must take special precautions to protect their homes. One way to do this is to create a defensible space around the home, and o ...

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Grow Your Own Native Landscape: A Guide to Identifying, Propagating & Landscaping with W.WA Native plants
Working with native plants can have many great advantages for gardeners. A large part of this clearly organized guide is devoted to descriptions of native plants. Accompanied by simple black and white ...

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Growing and Marketing Lavender

Lavender is becoming a popular crop, especially in the Pacific Northwest, with its many uses ranging from fresh and dried floral arrangements to crafts and aromatherapy. Lavender oil is a staple of ...

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