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Backyard Composting
Curious about compost? Composting reduces waste and provides an inexpensive treatment for home gardens and landscapes. Whether you have been composting for years or want to start your first pile, this ...

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Garden Record
Includes place to plot garden design and records of planting, experiments, inventory, income, and expenses. ...

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Gardening in the Inland Northwest
This gardening book is written expressly for Inland Northwest gardeners, with respect to climate, growing season, and soil. It is for vegetable and fruit gardeners. Some topics include pests and disea ...

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Grow Your Own Native Landscape: A Guide to Identifying, Propagating & Landscaping with W.WA Native plants
This is the pdf download of MISC0273 only. (4.86 MB)

Working with native plants can have many great advantages for gardeners. A large part of this clearly org ...

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Growing Food in Parking Strip and Front Yard Gardens (Home Garden Series)
Parking strip and front yard vegetable gardens are increas¬ingly popular in urban neighborhoods in Washington State. These locations may be the sunniest spots in the yard, and they offer an opportunit ...

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Marketing Alternatives for Fresh Produce

New marketing opportunities for Pacific Northwest vegetable and fruit growers are exciting and inventive. Increased public desire for nutritious and minimally processed food grown locally and susta ...

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Ornamental Grass Threatens Native Biodiversity
Ornamental grasses are increasingly popular in landscaping. One species being offered in nurseries and online is ribbongrass, or Phalaris arundinacea var. picta (‘Castor’, ‘Feesey’, ‘Strawberries and ...

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Propagating Plants from Seed

The enjoyment of growing plants can be enhanced by using successful methods. This booklet covers seed selection, starting plants indoors, planting seeds outdoors, and starting both herbaceous and w ...

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Propagation of Plants by Grafting and Budding
Including a glossary of terms, this handbook is well illustrated with clear photographs and drawings. It covers tools and materials, grafting and budding factors, kinds of grafts, budding methods, top ...

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Propagation of Plants from Specialized Structures
This substantially updated publication explains the various types of specialized plant structures that can be used to grow new plants. Individual reproduction requirements and options are detailed, an ...

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