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2018 PNW Insect Management Handbook

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A comprehensive guide to insect management in commercial c ...

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Caterpillar Pests of the Cabbage Family
The imported cabbage worm, diamondback moth, several loopers, and a number of cutworms and armyworms all thrive on members of the cabbage family [broccoli, cauliflower, kale, brussel sprouts, collards ...

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Growing Cucumbers in Home Gardens (Home Garden Series)
Information is provided on the definition, culture, and care of cucumbers when grown in home gardens. ...

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Growing Squash in Home Gardens (Home Garden Series)
The various types of summer and winter squash are described and pictured, with guidelines for planting, maintenance, pest management, and harvest and storage, as well as tips for canning and freezing. ...

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Insect Answers: The Cabbage Maggot in the Home Garden

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The cabbage maggot, Delia radicum, is a common insect pest in Washington. It attacks a variety of plants including cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, radishes, and rutab ...

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Insect Diagnosis Request Form
Identification form for growers or gardeners to fill out and send with preserved insects (or insects and damaged plants) or take to Master Gardener clinics. Knowing your insect pest is the first step ...

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Organic Management of Flea Beetles
Flea beetles are common garden pests found throughout the Pacific Northwest. Flea beetle feeding on plants in the Brassicaceae and Solanaceae families can scar foliage and potato tubers, leading to re ...

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Pest Control in Home Vegetable Gardens
Chart lists insecticides registered for use on vegetables in Washington State, by vegetable from Asparagus to Turnip. ...

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Vegetables: Growing Peppers in Home Gardens (Home Garden Series)
Looking for a way to spice up your home garden? There are few vegetables more colorful or easier to grow than peppers. Growing your own peppers can also be cost effective since they usually cost more ...

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Vole Management in Home Backyards and Gardens (Home Garden Series)
Our native PNW voles undergo periodic population explosions during which time they cause extensive damage within their home ranges. This fact sheet will help identify voles and the damage they cause a ...

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