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2018 PNW Insect Management Handbook

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A comprehensive guide to insect management in commercial c ...

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Bronze Birch Borer
Planting birch trees as ornamentals has resulted in the spread of the bronze birch borer (Agrilus anxius Gory). Full color photographs and discussion cover symptoms, life history, stages from e ...

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Environmental Injury: Cold Temperature Injury of Landscape Woody Ornamentals (Home Garden Series)
A plant’s cold hardiness—its tolerance to freezing temperatures—determines how well a plant can survive winter. This publication discusses the factors that contribute to plant cold hardiness and expla ...

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Environmental Injury: Frost Cracks (Home Garden Series)
Trees can suffer all kinds of injury, including damage caused by the environment. Frost cracks are one type of environmental injury that appear to occur after very severe cold winter weather. This pub ...

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Environmental Injury: Sunscald and Sunburn on Trees (Home Garden Series)
Trees can suffer all kinds of injury, including damage caused by the environment. Two types of environmental injury related to temperature are sunscald and sunburn. This publication outlines the sympt ...

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Environmental Injury: Winterburn of Evergreens
Trees can suffer all kinds of injury, including damage caused by the environment. Winter burn is one type of environmental injury that occurs on evergreen trees and shrubs when adequate moisture is un ...

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Growing Roses in Washington State: Common Disease and Insect Problems (Home Garden Series)
Roses are arguably the most attractive flowering shrub in Washington State and a favorite of home gardeners. To keep your roses looking beautiful and healthy, fending off disease and pests is importan ...

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Insect Diagnosis Request Form
Identification form for growers or gardeners to fill out and send with preserved insects (or insects and damaged plants) or take to Master Gardener clinics. Knowing your insect pest is the first step ...

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Interior Plantscape Pest Control
Interior plantings include a wide range of ornamentals inside structures: homes, restaurants, malls, office buildings, hospitals, and apartments, as examples. Pesticide resistance and appropiate pesti ...

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Landscape Plant Problems: A Pictorial Diagnostic Manual

Have you ever wondered what causes your rhododendron's leaves to turn yellow or why your apple tree has fruit with brown spots?

This book will help you identify all kinds of plant problems so th ...

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