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2018 PNW Insect Management Handbook

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A comprehensive guide to insect management in commercial c ...

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Carpenter Ants: Their Biology and Control
Descriptions, drawings, and color photos of carpenter ants in different stages and habitats. Colony and damage photos included. Cultural and chemical control methods. No products recommended. ...

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Common Spiders of Washington (Replaces EB1548)
Spiders are commonly found in the Pacific Northwest. These photos and descriptions of common varieties should ease fears over encounters in darkened hallways. ...

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PNW624/Replaces EM033E
Identification and Habits of Key Ant Pests in the Pacific Northwest
This publication describes the 12 most common ants characterized as structural pests in Washington, Idaho, and Oregon. Drawings and descriptions follow an introduction to ants and their general biolog ...

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Insect Diagnosis Request Form
Identification form for growers or gardeners to fill out and send with preserved insects (or insects and damaged plants) or take to Master Gardener clinics. Knowing your insect pest is the first step ...

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Lawn/Turfgrass Problem Diagnosis
Lawn problems can be complex. Filling out this form and sending a sample to the WSU Puyallup Plant Clinic will give the turfgrass gurus insight they need into the cause of your lawn problem. ...

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Manage Wildlife Conflicts in Your Home and Garden
Our homes and gardens often overlap with spaces and resources used by wild animals, both native and non-native. A "shared habitat" situation can pose some challenges when the animals' day-to-day activ ...

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Meadow Voles and Pocket Gophers
Starting with background on the biology and behaviors of gophers and voles, this publication dwells primarily on the gamut of ways to manage these widespread pests. Color photos. ...

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Moisture Ants

Ants in this collective category invade wood that is rotting or in final decay stages. The ants do not cause the decay, but indicate an existing problem. Yellow and cornfield ants are described. Co ...

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Mole Management in Washington Backyards (Home Garden Series)
Moles are serious pests to lawns and gardens in western Washington, along with a few areas east of the Cascade Mountains. This publication will help home gardeners develop a multi-action plan to deal ...

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