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2018 PNW Insect Management Handbook

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A comprehensive guide to insect management in commercial c ...

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How to Reduce Bee Poisoning from Pesticides
Provides an overview of how a variety of wild and managed bees and their pollination activities are affected by pesticide application. Includes guidelines for how beekeepers, growers, and pesticide ap ...

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Introduction to Insect and Disease Management
A study guide for managers of agricultural and ornamental plant pests. Covers management principles, insect biology, classification, and descriptions; discussion of insecticides and special precaution ...

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Pesticide Ingredient: Neonicotinoids
Are you concerned about how to manage insect pests while still protecting insect pollinators? Although many insecticides can kill or damage pollinators, new insecticides may offer better alternatives. ...

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Pesticides: Learning About Labels
Pesticides carry labels because the information is vital to your safety and important for proper application. The fact sheet provides a sample label, then walks you through the different sections, exp ...

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Pesticides: Safe Handling
Think of safety first when handling chemicals around the house. When dealing with liquid soaps, furniture polish, bleach, antifreeze, or chemical pesticides, treat all as hazardous. This guide offers ...

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Transportation Day: Pesticide Storage: Clean it out! Rinse and Recycle Plastic Pesticide Containers
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Reviews basic pesticide storage guidelines and requirements for both initial licensing certification and recertification training. Scene ...

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