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2018 PNW Plant Disease Management Handbook

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A comprehensive guide to plant disease management ...

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Anthracnose Canker Integrated Management Plan for Home Gardeners (Home Garden Series)
Home gardeners can learn to mitigate this rampant disease in the Pacific Northwest that limits apple harvests. ...

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Apple Scab
Apple scab is a fungal disease that is most common in areas of high rainfall and relative humidity. Spots and lesions develop on leaves and fruit. Illustrations identify symptoms and describe the fung ...

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Blackleaf in Grapes

Recent research shows that blackleaf in grapes is due to a combination of water stress and high UV-B radiation. Learn how to identify and control this disease in Concord and winegrapes by addressin ...

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Grapevine Leafroll Disease

Grapevine leafroll is a very complex viral disease. This publication addresses various aspects of disease symptoms, accurate diagnosis, vector management, and the absolute necessity of taking preve ...

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Small Fruits and Berries: Insect and Disease Control for Home Gardens

Online Only Treatments for home garden blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, caneberry, grape, currant, and gooseberry crops, by growing stage or portion of season. ...

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Strawberry Cultivars for Western Oregon and Washington
This publication describes June-bearing, everbearing, and day-neutral strawberry cultivars. It includes information on commercial value and identifies which cultivars work well for home gardens.


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Wholesale Buyers Guide to Washington Grapevine Quarantines
This publication is designed to educate wholesale buyers (for retail nursery outlets) on the quarantine rules in Washington regarding the import and distribution of grapevine material. ...

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