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A Primer for Timber Harvesting
Timber sales are complicated. The choices a forest landowner makes will influence financial return, future site productivity, soil erosion, and other factors. Here is a basic book for those who want t ...

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Bio-Oil: An Introduction to Fast Pyrolysis and its Applications
The United States has targeted biofuels generated from domestic biomass supplies as a significant contributor for future liquid fuel supplies. Reliance on domestic fuel production opens the door for ...

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Bronze Birch Borer
Planting birch trees as ornamentals has resulted in the spread of the bronze birch borer (Agrilus anxius Gory). Full color photographs and discussion cover symptoms, life history, stages from e ...

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Coastal Douglas-Fir Forests and Wildlife

A Woodland Fish and Wildlife Project publication.

Written as a practical guide for woodland owners interested in fish and wildlife management. Certain tree species and understory plants grow ...

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Developing Quality Christmas Trees in the Pacific Northwest
Each Christmas tree species requires special skill and specific knowledge to be grown successfully. This publication outlines how trees grow and the culturing practices necessary to develop the size, ...

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Diversifying Forest Structure to Promote Wildlife Biodiversity in Western Washington Forests
To meet the ecological needs of a broad range of wildlife species in forest lands, structural diversity is needed—both in individual stands of trees and in the broader landscape—to provide a variety o ...

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Eastern Washington Forest Diseases: Identification and Management- Online Module
This module covers forest diseases that are common in Eastern Washington, including root diseases, foliar diseases, heart rots, parasitic plants, and introduced pathogens. The module includes informat ...

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Enhancing Reforestation Success in the Inland Northwest

Vegetation control techniques to improve conifer seedling survival and growth are described and compared for common area-specific forest competitors. Mechanical methods (such as tilling and mowing) ...

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Forest Ecology in Washington
Forests are complex. Their ecosystems include living and nonliving components. Forest ecology deals with virtually everything relating to the forest as a whole. The authors and contributors provide a ...

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Forest Health Concepts and Issues in the Pacific Northwest- Online Module
This module covers the fundamental concepts of forest health, including how forest health damage happens, what it means to have a healthy forest, and management principles for maintaining forest healt ...

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