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A Guide to Washington State's Urban Tree Canopy
More than 80% of the nation’s population lives in urban areas. The urban tree canopy (UTC) is an essential part of an urban areas’ infrastructure—an ecosystem characterized by trees and other vegetati ...

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A Primer for Timber Harvesting
Timber sales are complicated. The choices a forest landowner makes will influence financial return, future site productivity, soil erosion, and other factors. Here is a basic book for those who want t ...

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Assessing Tree Health
Healthy trees are beneficial to our environment and our property values - but how do we determine if a tree is healthy? This publication briefly discusses common tree health problems and outlines a p ...

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Backyard Forest Stewardship in Eastern Washington
Owning a home in the woods is a dream come true for many people, but living in a forested setting presents unique challenges. This guide to Backyard Forest Stewardship is written specifically for peop ...

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Backyard Forest Stewardship in Western Washington
A home in the woods can be a dream-come-true, but living in a forested setting presents unique challenges. This publication discusses those challenges and other issues specific to western Washington, ...

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Basic Forest Inventory Techniques for Family Forest Owners
An inventory is a cornerstone of forest stewardship planning that not only ensures your forest is healthy and productive, but can meet your objectives as a landowner for years to come. This manual wil ...

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Bronze Birch Borer
Planting birch trees as ornamentals has resulted in the spread of the bronze birch borer (Agrilus anxius Gory). Full color photographs and discussion cover symptoms, life history, stages from e ...

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Conifer Pruning Basics for Family Forest Landowners
Conifer pruning is the practice of removing the lower branches from live green conifer trees with a primary objective of improving wood quality when the trees are later harvested. This publication dis ...

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Diversifying Forest Structure to Promote Wildlife Biodiversity in Western Washington Forests
To meet the ecological needs of a broad range of wildlife species in forest lands, structural diversity is needed—both in individual stands of trees and in the broader landscape—to provide a variety o ...

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Eastern Washington Forest Diseases: Identification and Management- Online Module
This module covers forest diseases that are common in Eastern Washington, including root diseases, foliar diseases, heart rots, parasitic plants, and introduced pathogens. The module includes informat ...

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