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Applying Adaptive Grazing Management
This publication provides an introduction to some tools and methods used in adaptive grazing management in either a rangeland or an irrigated pasture setting. Ranchers employing adaptive management in ...

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Davenport Living Snow fence Demonstration: Ten Year Survival & Growth Update
Snow fences are common in areas with significant snowfall, such as the Great Plains and upper Midwest, but they are not common in eastern Washington, despite abundant snowfall and problems with drifti ...

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Eastern Washington Weeds in the Woods- Online Module
This module explains what invasive plants and noxious weeds are, the impacts they have on forest resources, and how Washington regulates particular noxious weeds. The module also covers some general w ...

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Feeding livestock during and after a disaster
Disaster strikes, and you’re left without the feed you normally give your livestock. While unfamiliar feed in an emergency may be necessary, quickly changing animals’ diets can cause them added stress ...

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Managing Organic Debris for Forest Health
This 60-page publication, with over 80 full-color photographs, tables, and charts, will help forest owners and those who work with them to maximize forest health and minimize problems. It discusses th ...

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Nutrient Management for Pastures: Western Oregon and Western Washington
Describes nutrient management practices for pastures to produce forage as a main feed source for western Oregon and Washington livestock. ...

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Pruning Western White Pine

This publication is intended to help forest owners and managers make decisions about pruning to reduce blister rust mortality in 10- to 25-year-old white pine.

Reviewed January 2015 ...

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Reducing Wildfire Risk in the Columbia River Gorge Area (video)

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This overview of wildfire threats throughout the Pacific Northwest covers the various sources and associat ...

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Washington State Coordinated Resource Management Handbook 2006

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The Coordinated Resource Management (CRM) process serves as a model for many types of collaborative, voluntary, locally-led activities that lead to implementation of on-the-gro ...

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Western Roots: Diving into a sagebrush sea of diversity
Abstract: What may appear at first glance as a sea of sagebrush is in reality a complex and diverse ecosystem with a wide variety of plants and animals. The sagebrush steppe teems with life, but threa ...

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