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A Roadmap for Poplar and Willow to Provide Environmental Services and to Build the Bioeconomy
This is the lead publication for the poplar/willow Environmental Applications series: innovation in bioenergy, remediation, and wastewater treatment. ...

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Basic Forest Inventory Techniques for Family Forest Owners
An inventory is a cornerstone of forest stewardship planning that not only ensures your forest is healthy and productive, but can meet your objectives as a landowner for years to come. This manual wil ...

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Bio-Oil: An Introduction to Fast Pyrolysis and its Applications
The United States has targeted biofuels generated from domestic biomass supplies as a significant contributor for future liquid fuel supplies. Reliance on domestic fuel production opens the door for ...

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Washington State Forest Land and Timber Taxes- Online Module
This module covers current use taxation programs that can reduce property taxes for forest landowners. These programs include Designated Forest Land, Open Space Timber, and the Public Benefits Rating ...

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