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4-H Challenge Rock Climbing Leaders Manual

This manual is designed to supplement the 4-H Challenge Manual and support 4-H Leader Rock Climbing Training. It covers the skill competencies required to lead 4-H rock climbing activities, types ...

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4-H Projects and Publications Catalog
Detailed catalog of all Washington State 4-H publications and projects with descriptions as well as 4-H news. ...

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A Developmental Framework of 4-H Competition for Volunteers
The 4-H National Recognition Model is revisited through the frame of the Essential Elements of Positive Youth Development, 4-H policies, ages, and stages of youth development and motivational theory. ...

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Ayudar a los niños a adaptarse al divorcio
Con el fin de ayudar a los niños a manejar los cambios que pueden ocurrir antes, durante, o después de un divorcio, los padres, cuidadores y otros adultos seguros e involucrados deben comprender el de ...

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Camp Long Low Course Pocket Safety Guide (Adventure Education Series)
This manual is a reference for facilitators of the WSU Extension 4-H Challenge Course at Camp Long. It is not a replacement for training. It offers facilitators a broad overview of the common theoreti ...

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Certificate of Appreciation - Extension

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Creating Safe Spaces through Mutual Affirmation
Good leadership begins with identifying our own biases and prejudices, great leadership helps others to identify theirs. Engender trust and group bonding through the powerful activity described in th ...

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Getting Started in Food Preservation - Leader's Guide

This publication guides leaders teaching youth through a series of food preservation lessons with hands-on activities. Topics include: Food Safety, Drying Foods, Freezing Foods, and Water Bath Cann ...

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Helping Children Adjust to Divorce
In order to help children handle changes that can happen before, during, or after a divorce, parents, caregivers, and other safe, involved adults must understand children’s development as well as thei ...

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How to Run a Structured Meeting: A Toolkit for Field-Trip Chaperones
Field trips provide great opportunities for youth to gain new knowledge as well as develop stronger social and emotional skills, or what the 4-H program calls life skills. Many of these field trips re ...

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