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4-H and You
4-H volunteers represent Washington State University and have many of the rights and responsibilities as salaried staff. This publicaton summarizes information that will help you become an effective 4 ...

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4-H Folder (presentation folder)
A white and green presentation folder, 9.5 x 12 in. Used to hold printed materials that leaders add later. ...

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4-H Leader Guide Record Keeping
Sheet that explains the purpose and importance of 4-H records in the learning experience. ...

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4-H Leader's Guide to Handling Funds in the 4-H Youth Development Program

The purpose of this manual is to show the 4-H club treasurer how to do his or her job. Section 1 prepares you to do the treasurer's job. Section 2 helps you prepare a budget. Section 3 shows you ho ...

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4-H Member's Kit (pocket folder)
A green and white folder, 9.25 x 12 in. ...

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4-H Projects and Publications Catalog
Detailed catalog of all Washington State 4-H publications and projects with descriptions as well as 4-H news. ...

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A Guide to EffectiveYouth/Adult Partnerships on Councils, Associations, and Committees

This publication is a guide for youth who serve on 4-H councils, associations, and committees as well as the volunteer and professional adults who work with them. ...

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Judging Rabbit Pelts
The information in this publication is from the American Rabbit Breeders Association's "Standard of Perfection" and through correspondence with its members.

Information on the detailed and systemat ...

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Judging Rabbits
Judging rabbits is a good way to learn to organize your thoughts and make a decision. Not only do you learn how to select the best rabbit, you learn to organize your thoughts, orally and written, and ...

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Leaders R Us
Contents: what is 4-H youth development, the volunteer leader, understanding youth, working with youth, 4-H teaching philosophy, teaching techniques, youth and adults as leaders, feeling comfortable w ...

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