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4-H Leader Guide Record Keeping
Sheet that explains the purpose and importance of 4-H records in the learning experience. ...

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4-H Member's Kit (pocket folder)
A green and white folder, 9.25 x 12 in. ...

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4-H Project Record, Level 2 (Pk. of 5)
A form with room for name of project, project commitment, journal (what was done or made, cost, income), what was learned, photos, highlights, and project financial summary. Pk. of 5.

PDF is a onlin ...

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4-H Record Book, Level 1
For beginning members. Includes instructions, calendar, and pages to record project plans, diary, and 4-H story. 3-hole punched. ...

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4-H Record Book, Level 2
Includes forms to record all 4-H activities for one year. ...

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Adventures in Family Living Record
Sheet to record member's achievements in Family Living program. ...

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Breeding Livestock Record.
Worksheet for keeping track of costs and returns on 4-H breeding livestock projects. ...

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Computer Project Record
Form that record computer equipment, activities, resource people, things learned, and goals. ...

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Dairy Goat Record
Record sheet that includes goat identification and pedigree, and records on health, production, kidding, showing, income, and expenses. ...

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Dairy Record
Sheet that record expenses and income for dairy projects. ...

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