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4-H Dairy Certificate
A form used to certify identification and ownership of 4-H project dairy cattle. Includes place to draw cow's identifiable markings, instructions, and signature lines. ...

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Animal Science Record
Sheet that records inventory, expenses, and income from an animal science project. ...

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Dairy Advancement Leader Guide

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Dairy Cattle and Dairy Goat 4-H Member Advancement

Steps 1GÇô6 of the self-paced Advancement Program will make your 4-H dairy cattle and/or goat project more interesting; help you learn more about what animals need to produce milk; help you develop ...

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Dairy Cattle Judging -Giving Reasons
EM4669 has now been replaced with OSU publication 4-H 1109.


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Dairy Cow Anatomy Chart
Poster, 22 x 18 in., showing anatomy of a dairy cow. ...

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Dairy Record
Sheet that record expenses and income for dairy projects. ...

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How to Make a Rope Halter
This is now replaced with 4-h 104 from OSU

A step-by-step guide to tying adjustable rope halters for dairy or beef cattle. Each step is illustrated with photographs. Reprinted from a 4-H Club bull ...

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Preparing Youth for the Sale of their Market Livestock Project
This fact sheet was developed for 4-H leaders, parents, FFA advisors, or other adults who support youth raising market livestock. Youth must be educated about and prepared for what will happen to thei ...

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Producer Affidavit & Market Heifer Health Record

Youth producers will record all relevant health information for their market heifers on this form. A sample form includes instructions for completing the form. ...

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