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Communicating with Latino Farmers: Cultural Aspects and Strategies
As Washington agricultural communities become more culturally and ethnically diverse, communicating and building relationships across cultures has become more important. Many factors play a role in su ...

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How can we keep it going? Key ingredients for evidence-based program sustainability
Program sustainability is a key factor for many youth and family program staff who want to build successful long-term programs in their communities. This publication outlines the four keys for unlocki ...

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Integrating Gardening, Nutrition and 4-H Positive Youth Development: An Overview
Building a successful youth gardening program brings multiple benefits to youth health and nutrition. With some careful planning from the start to establish leadership roles, site design, and integrat ...

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Reactions to the Employer Mandate in Washington State's Labor-Intensive Agriculture Industry
The Affordable Care Act has begun to change how we access health care and insurance in the US. One of these changes is the “employer mandate,” which went into effect in 2016. The employer mandate requ ...

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