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Assessing Tree Health
Healthy trees are beneficial to our environment and our property values - but how do we determine if a tree is healthy? This publication briefly discusses common tree health problems and outlines a p ...

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Band-Tailed Pigeons of the Managed Pacific Northwest Forestlands

A Woodland Fish and Wildlife Project publication.

The West Coast population of the band-tailed pigeon nests from southeastern Alaska to northern Mexico, in a variety of forest types but predomina ...

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Basic Forest Inventory Techniques for Family Forest Owners
An inventory is a cornerstone of forest stewardship planning that not only ensures your forest is healthy and productive, but can meet your objectives as a landowner for years to come. This manual wil ...

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Davenport Living Snow fence Demonstration: Ten Year Survival & Growth Update
Snow fences are common in areas with significant snowfall, such as the Great Plains and upper Midwest, but they are not common in eastern Washington, despite abundant snowfall and problems with drifti ...

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Diversifying Forest Structure to Promote Wildlife Biodiversity in Western Washington Forests
To meet the ecological needs of a broad range of wildlife species in forest lands, structural diversity is needed—both in individual stands of trees and in the broader landscape—to provide a variety o ...

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Eastern Washington Forest Diseases: Identification and Management- Online Module
This module covers forest diseases that are common in Eastern Washington, including root diseases, foliar diseases, heart rots, parasitic plants, and introduced pathogens. The module includes informat ...

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Eastern Washington Regulations and Taxes- Online module
This is a 4 part module which includes "Forest practices rules and regulations", Introduction to cultural and historical resources", Threatened and endangered species in Eastern Washington forests" an ...

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Eastern Washington Tree Identification and Silvics- online module
This module provides an introduction to native trees in Eastern Washington forests. The module will guide you through identification, key features, and ecological characteristics of these species. ...

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Eastern Washington Weeds in the Woods- Online Module
This module explains what invasive plants and noxious weeds are, the impacts they have on forest resources, and how Washington regulates particular noxious weeds. The module also covers some general w ...

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Feeding livestock during and after a disaster
Disaster strikes, and you’re left without the feed you normally give your livestock. While unfamiliar feed in an emergency may be necessary, quickly changing animals’ diets can cause them added stress ...

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