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4-H Driving Manual

Contents include: appointments, general rules, driving classes, timed driving games, training the driving horse or pony, harness adjustment, harnessing and hitching, driver specifications, driving ...

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4-H Horse Certificate
A 2-part form used to certify identification and ownership of 4-H project horses. Includes place to draw horse identifiable markings, instructions, and signature lines. ...

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4-H Horse Judging Manual
This illustrated publication includes the following topics: horse anatomy, unsoundnesses and blemishes; halter horse judging, descriptions and regulations for the different horse breeds; judging the p ...

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4-H Horse Member Advancement Checklist

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4-H Horse Program Member Advancement Leader Guide
The Advancement Program allows young people to work at their own pace and have opportunities for immediate success. As each skill is completed, the leader initials and dates the skill. When an individ ...

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Beginning Horsemanship (MM)
This handbook is written for beginning riders, to help them prepare and ride horses safely. It also includes important information about the horse's senses and social behavior. Use this handbook in c ...

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Every Time Every Ride
Over 60% of all horse related deaths involve head injuries. Many of these could be prevented simply by wearing a SEI certified helmet. Narrated by William Shatner, this professionally produced, appro ...

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Feeding the Performance Horse
Discusses the amounts and types of feed to give performance horses, especially as related to the horse's activities and conditioning program. Discussion includes fatigue and energy metabolism, nutriti ...

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Ground Handling Horses Safely
By understanding life from the horse's point of view, you can learn to anticipate and safely react to your horse's natural instincts. This video demonstrates safe and proper methods for approaching, h ...

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Ground Handling Horses Safely Video Facilitator Guide and Lesson Plan
Designed as supplemental material to the Ground Handling Horses Safely Video. ...

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