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Camelina Nutrient Management Guide for the Pacific Northwest
Camelina is a drought-tolerant, low-input oilseed crop grown throughout the U.S. Pacific Northwest. This publication provides soil fertility recommendations—including nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, ...

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Drought Advisory Series: Oat Hay and Straw

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Management of oats used for grain, hay, and straw during drought periods are presented in this report. Fertilization, harvesting, pest problems, and pasturing topics are addre ...

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Drought Advisory Series: Timothy Hay

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Timothy hay management concerns during periods of drought are addressed in this report. Proper fertilization to encourage early growth is essential. Drought-stressed timothy ha ...

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Drought Advisory: Tree Fruit
The following information highlights critical management concerns and possible options in managing fruit trees under drought conditions. ...

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Drought Advisory: Water Conservation in Gardens and Landscapes
Past droughts and threats of droughts in Washington have caused concern about survival of garden and landscape plants. These include many woody trees and shrubs, vegetables, bulbs, and bedding pla ...

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Drought Advisory: Water Conservation, Weed Control Go Hand in Hand
WSU Drought Advisory: Controlling weeds greatly reduces water loss in crops. Many weeds, such as ragweed, sunflower, lambsquarter, and Russian thistle, use more water than crops like wheat, corn, and ...

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Drought Tolerant Landscaping for Washington State (Home Garden Series)
This publication is meant to assist homeowners with the selection and management of appropriate plants, sites, soils, and hardscapes to create a drought-tolerant landscape. It provides a lists and pho ...

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Fine Fescues for Home Lawns in Washington (Home Garden Series)
Fine-leaf fescues are some of the most drought- and shade-tolerant of the cool season grasses that are suitable for home lawns. Fine fescues are moderately wear-tolerant and can be used in a mixture w ...

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Grapevine Management Under Drought Conditions
Under drought conditions, vineyards are impacted by a variety of environmental factors that growers may or may not be able to control. This publication discusses the many water-related factors that af ...

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Saving Water: Lawns and Other Turf
Drought years prompt us to review lawn watering techniques. The authors remind us a little water deep in the soil profile does more for grass than too much water in the surface inches. They include ti ...

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