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Acidifying Soil for Crop Production: Inland Pacific Northwest

Soil acidification is used to reduce soil pH to improve crop performance and increase economic returns. Soil acidification is a long-term and expensive process, and should be considered on a site-s ...

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Berries for the Inland Northwest
Berries and grapes offer many opportunities for Inland Northwest gardeners to expand their food gardens. Sections include: growing berries and grapes, blueberries, currants and gooseberries, grapes, s ...

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Considerations and Resources for Vineyard Establishment in the Inland Pacific Northwest
Vineyard establishment requires careful planning and implementation. This guide is designed to help you through the initial questions and considerations before establishing a new vineyard. Early decis ...

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Enhancing Reforestation Success in the Inland Northwest

Vegetation control techniques to improve conifer seedling survival and growth are described and compared for common area-specific forest competitors. Mechanical methods (such as tilling and mowing) ...

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Gardening in the Inland Northwest
This gardening book is written expressly for Inland Northwest gardeners, with respect to climate, growing season, and soil. It is for vegetable and fruit gardeners. Some topics include pests and disea ...

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Grass Seeding Forest Roads, Skid Trails, and Landings in the Inland Northwest

Sediments are one of the main nonpoint sources of pollution for lakes, rivers, and streams in the Inland Northwest. This 8-page publication (including cover) shares strategies for protecting waters ...

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Inland Northwest 6 booklet Set
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This 6 book set contains: Roses, Berries, Perennials Vol 1, ...

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Landscape Plants for the Inland Northwest
Do you yearn for gorgeous plants to grow in your colder, dryer climate? Certified WSU Master Gardeners and WSU's Extension horticulture agent in Spokane share 107 pages of landscape plant materials yo ...

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Landscaping with Native Plants in the Inland Northwest
Contents include: general information about native plants and what they are, planning a naturalized landscape, landscape plan drawings, incorporating native plants into existing landscapes, providing ...

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Logging Selectively: A Practical Field Guide to Partial Timber Harvesting in Forests of the Inland Northwest and the Northern Rockies
Pocket guide covers timber harvests, species, tree growth and form, insects and disease, forest structure and function, and partial harvest logistics. A Pacific Northwest Extension Publication. 3.5 x ...

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