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2019 Pest Management Guide for Grapes in Washington
Guide to control of diseases, insects, weeds, and vertebrate pests on commercial grapes. Weed controls - both soil-active and foliage-applied herbicides - are outlined for new and established planting ...

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Agricultural Weed Management Principles
Covers basic information on weed laws, weed classification and biology, and management principles used to control weeds in agricultural cropland, associated noncropland, or rangeland. Authors discuss ...

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Aquatic and Riparian Weeds of the West
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This is a practical guide to the identification and biology of submerged, floating-leaved, and emergent aquatic ...

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Biological Control of Noxious Weeds

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Biological control, or biocontrol, is the ...

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Drought Advisory: Water Conservation, Weed Control Go Hand in Hand
WSU Drought Advisory: Controlling weeds greatly reduces water loss in crops. Many weeds, such as ragweed, sunflower, lambsquarter, and Russian thistle, use more water than crops like wheat, corn, and ...

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Eastern Washington Weeds in the Woods- Online Module
This module explains what invasive plants and noxious weeds are, the impacts they have on forest resources, and how Washington regulates particular noxious weeds. The module also covers some general w ...

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Healing the Land Through Multi-Species Grazing
Depicts a 2-year collaborative implementation of multi-species grazing (cattle, sheep, goats) as a tool in an integrated approach to control noxious weeds in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and California. ...

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Herbicide-Resistant Weeds and Their Management
Explains the different types of resistance that weeds can develop and how to avoid making the problem worse. Gives examples of common Northwest weeds and their herbicide resistance. Unfolds to a multi ...

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Invasive Weeds of Eastern Washington

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The control of any weed begins with early detection. The objective of this guide is to aid in the identification and control of invasive weeds found in eastern Washington. ...

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Knotweed Alert
Knotweeds are aggressive noxious weeds that invade and degrade streams and riverbanks, causing erosion, bank collapse, and disruption of local ecosystems. They are typically found growing along waterw ...

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